The 7 Day Detox Program

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Why the 7 days Detox program?

✔️Because following this program you will reset your tastebuds to crave healthy foods.
✔️Because the only way to detox your body is to enjoy more whole foods and eat less processed ones that contain artificial colouring, flavour, and ingredients.
✔️Get rid of addictive foods as sugars and processed ingredients.
✔️There are no special supplements to take.
✔️You just have to follow simple rules and guidelines when it comes to selecting your foods.


What you will get?

✔️7 days meal plan
✔️Full easy recipes Smoothies + whole meals + snacks
✔️Grocery lists
✔️My Detox guide where you get step by step where to start.

Benefits of the 7 days Detox program:

✔️Improve digestion
✔️Get rid of bloating
✔️Cleanse your body
✔️Increase your energy levels
✔️Clear up skin problems
✔️Improve mental clarity and focus
✔️Better quality of sleep
✔️Lose weight

What to expect after the Detox program?

✔️More energy
✔️Stop craving sugars
✔️Glowing skin
✔️Improved digestion
✔️Mental clarity
✔️You will start to eat healthier and not crave for more fast or processed foods.

How it works?

During 7 days, you replace breakfast, lunch and dinner with a healthy, balanced smoothie and two healthy snacks per day.

Because each metabolism is different and nutrition it’s bio individual, you might need to replace one smoothie with a whole meal.

Step 1: Replace Breakfast,  Lunch and dinner with a healthy, balanced smoothie.  Detailed recipes and shopping lists are provided.

Step 2: Healthy snacks. A full meal plan of snacks is provided, to make sure you feel full for longer hours.

Step 3: You can replace one smoothie (lunch or dinner) with a whole food Meal.  Recipes and shopping lists are provided.

Step 4: You are not alone. (Optional) Join the Facebook group to feel supported and exchange ideas and experience during the detox period, or do it at your own pace.

💡You can repeat this program up to 3 times (21 days) to get the maximum benefits of it.

7 reviews for The 7 Day Detox Program

  1. Patricia

    This whole program is amazing, not just the smoothies but all the recipes, are whole and complete.

  2. Eva

    5 stars
    Amazing program, I told you already 100000 times how much I admire and love everything you do. Love 1:1 sessions to follow up.

  3. Celia

    It was a great program, would definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues. I lost 4 Kilos in 7 days!!

  4. Ann

    I want to say thank you for providing this program and all your support aside! We absolutely learnt a lot from it and we are very grateful for that.

  5. Ekaterina

    5 stars
    I feel so good today in the morning, like a bird who can fly!!

  6. María

    I loved this program, I kept the recipes for my weekly meal plan! I feel lighter and all my skin problems disappear. Thank you so much Amal!!

  7. Patricia

    This whole program is amazing, not just the smoothies but all the recipes. I was very skeptical at the beginning because I thought that I would be starving with “just” smoothies, I choose to do only them for the whole week, plus the snacks. And for my surprise everything was very plenty and complete. And now I will try the meals recipes.
    Despite my headaches and migraine, I did it! I do feel my belly really without the usual bloating now. Thanks a lot my
    Dear Amal Zayed

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