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Amal Zayed

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I have a great passion for healthy cooking and knowledge of anti-inflammatory nutrition. Additionally, I am a Brain Cyst survivor, and I used food as medicine to navigate my journey. I discovered that by choosing the right nutrition for my body, I could alleviate the chronic pain that I had been enduring for the last six years, a pain I had been managing with pills every day. Based on my personal experience, I firmly believe that anyone can manage health challenges by adopting a healthy lifestyle without resorting to strict diets, achieving long-lasting, positive changes in their life.



a rare illness diagnosed in only three people in a million. However, before that, I struggled for two years with chronic back and neck pain, headaches, nausea, trembling hands, dizziness, and sleepy legs. My diagnosis spanned two years, during which I underwent physiotherapy. As my symptoms worsened, one day I blacked out and ended up in a hospital emergency room. I was told that brain surgery was necessary due to severe hydrocephalus, and I could end up in a permanent coma.


After my recovery, my life never went back to normal.

I continued to experience headaches every day, assuming it was normal due to my condition. The pain left me feeling exhausted, tired all the time, and I suffered from anxiety, depression, lack of mental clarity, and sleeping disorders. I couldn’t find any medicine or doctor that could provide relief, so I began researching and seeking solutions.

My first approach was to observe how my body reacted to certain foods.

I started eliminating sugars, gluten, meats, and dairy from my diet. It wasn’t easy initially, but incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my meals made it manageable. Learning to cook vegan and vegetarian food that looks and tastes good, along with adding balanced smoothies, helped me obtain all the necessary nutrients for my body and significantly improved my health. Within 6 month, all the symptoms disappeared, and I could start enjoying life after so many years of pain. Observing the transformation in my life empowered me to help others lead a healthier life by changing their nutritional habits to prevent or reverse chronic diseases.


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My GOAL is on helping individuals develop mindful eating habits that lead to a healthier overall lifestyle.

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